Improving Indigenous People’s Access to Justice and Development Through Community Based Monitoring

Representatives from Elangata Enterit, Ololoipangi and Enkare Nairowua met at the Royal Valley Hotel in Narok earlier last month to attend a workshop hosted by ILEPA with support from the European Union. The workshop provided practical training for the attending representatives on proposal writing and accessing funds for development projects as a culmination of several smaller community workshops carried out around Narok. These community meetings, which were carried out in the week preceding the workshop, were done in order for the participating communities to collectively identify and prioritise major development issues faced in the area based on the Sustainable Development Goals (U.N. Agenda 2030). The objectives of the meeting, as pointed out by ILEPA staff, were to meet, discuss and identify the main challenges facing each community in order to find ways to solve them independently and directly as a community. The main challenges identified as being common to all the communities regarded Culture Erosion, also in regards to ongoing issues of land demarcation and land sale, and lack of capacity building, related to poor information dissemination processes as well as high levels of illiteracy. On the basis of this identification, each community wrote a sample proposal which was later presented it to the rest of the attendees by one representative of each community.  

The workshop was held on August 9th and 10th, 2018, at the Royal Valley Hotel in Narok.

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