The history of ILEPA is embedded in the history of the land rights struggle of Maji moto Group Ranch in Narok South, Southern Kenya. It could be argued the community based organization (CBO) was partly a product of the struggle. In the course of the struggle, the founders of the organization, who were all members of Maji moto GR, came to represent the face of the struggle over land rights. Touch of Love Integrated Development Programme (TOLIDP) – as the organization was known then – therefore became the point of connection between GR activities related to the land rights struggle and other social and institutional networks outside of the GR.

Very soon the CBO’s mandate expanded in both scope of issues and geographical coverage to address other pre-existing environmental, social and development issues of immediate concern to the local pastoralist community over and beyond the land rights agenda including in the health sector, education, governance and citizen participation, food security, research and Climate change. Geographically, the ILEPA’s programmatic reach grew from being concentrated in one administrative location and group ranch (Maji moto), to covering the entire Narok County and actively participating in national and international processes related to the organization’s thematic focus.

Partners Areas of Collaboration

  1. TEBTEBBA: Livelihoods Support, Environment and Climate Change
  2. ROSA Luxemburg: Human Rights and Governance
  3. Leicester University: Research
  4. Utrecht University: Mutual Partnerships i.e: Internship opportunities, Research
  5. UNDP: Climate Change, Policy Engagement and Development of FPIC Guidelines
  6. Institutional Canopy of Conservation (I-CAN) – Land Rights Research
  7. Rights and Resources Group (RRI) – Land Rights Research and Support