Human Rights and Governance

As a human rights organization, we were born out of land and human rights struggle within Maji moto group ranch(GR). Through human rights awareness, advocacy, lobbying, petitions, peaceful demonstration and public litigation efforts, we have empowered the Maji moto community on basic knowledge on human rights, which have resulted in regime change, […]

Environment and Climate Change

Our project area(s) have in recent times witnessed increased pressure on natural resources – pasture, wood fuel, and water – access, use and sustainability due to population increase, land fragmentation and privatization, sale of land, competing land use practices including wildlife conservation and large-scale commercial farming, The environmental concerns are […]

Livelihoods and Diversification

We seek to strengthen and contribute communities’ resiliency in food security and poverty reduction through enhancing access to water for domestic, livestock and Irrigation farming for subsistence; promoting high transition rates and quality performance across the various entry levels in the country’s education system.Education support initiatives has been through linking […]

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